• Testimonials

    You have an incredible employee here! Our room is cleaned- over and over – but that’s not all, today she educated, in no uncertain terms, a caregiver who failed to wash out a urinal. She “clarified” the CNA’s responsibility, emphasizing that the patients well being is the “most important thing”. We respect and appreciate TuTu who puts the patient first and who does her job with care and with a beautiful demeanor.

    Wife of Resident

  • Today the dynamic duo from occupational and physical therapy, lifted my husband get into his wheelchair so he could enjoy the beautiful day outside. He lifted weights and had physical therapy while listening to the wind blowing through the trees and birds singing. They left us and said they would return so we could continue visiting outdoors. When they helped later, to put my husband back in bed, they helped change his sheets and arranged him carefully…a job they didn’t have to do, but graciously did. We appreciate the David and Janet.

    Wife of Resident

  • I am most grateful to Mavlyuda for her rock-solid, honest, and positive manners. I looked forward to her coming in to work every evening. When your in a healthcare facility you have a sense of helplessness, but she did a lot to relieve that fear. I cannot thank her enough for her kindness.

    Gayle Z. Resident

  • I wanted to thank all of you who helped in my recovery. I still have a long way to go, but I’m back at home safely and have hooked up with my outpatient PT and OT. It’s been really weird not waking up to April’s voice or to Kat persuing the headlines. In short, mornings just aren’t nearly as much as they were when I was at Windsor Manor during those interminable months! You guys (too many to list) all made my stay there comfortable and, dare I say, fun! Someday I’ll have to come strolling in to say hello and show the result of our hard work!
    Thanks again!


  • I never would have thought that I would recommend a Rehab Hospital but, the care I received from the caregivers, the RN’s, and the people at the gym (who are so helpful), and your awesome cook, was excellent. I had Flo as my roomie and this was an added blessing. The atmosphere was like a family. I don’t know how this was done, but I really felt it. I want everyone to know how much I appreciate all the work they do everyday because it shows. Congratulations for getting me on my feet and feeling great! Your staff also gave me encouraging bear hugs. Thank you!

    Jamie P.

  • I want to thank you for all your help these past four months. You were all so wonderful, each and every one of you in your tireless efforts to make my lengthy stay comfortable. You succeeded on every level, and I just can’t thank you enough. So, keep doing what you do. You do it so well, and all of us patients at Windsor Manor are lucky to have you! Thanks again!


  • I just wanted to say thank you for all your kindness, understanding, and caring you have shown me since I arrived. God’s blessing be with you daily. I had never been taken care of by such gentlemen in my life until I met all you handsome guys. So now you have made me add you to my list of son’s, I hope you don’t mind. God Bless you all! You will always be in my heart!

    Bev L.